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Airfield Portal™

Symphony® Airfield Portal™ Overview

The Airfield Portal™ is a highly configurable and customizable solution for airport stakeholders that provides real-time data display information to enhance collaborative decision-making. It provides the necessary information for all airport stakeholders to collaborate and effectively manage daily operations, as well as irregular airfield operations. 

Tools to Enhance the System

  • Announcements:  an announcement section that airport personnel can set based on priority
  • Flights: display active arrivals, departures and diversions
  • Taxi Time: display a table with taxi times and configurable durations corresponding to low, medium, high and critical advisories
  • Symphony® MobileVue®: a situational awareness display system that shows real-time surveillance data on an airfield map
  • Falcon virtual NOTAMs: live and future tabular and graphical displays of all NOTAMs and field condition reports (FICONs)

Chat Application Included

The Communicator/Chat application is a powerful tool that can allow multiple users to share information through a web browser interface. Users do not need to be on the same network and can be geographically disbursed, allowing communication through a variety of stakeholders.

  • One-stop shop for airport operation situational awareness and communication
  • Single sign-on (SSO) user authentication
  • Modern, flexible, web-based platform that is highly customizable for the user
  • Real-time operational status updates
  • Role-based access
  • Authorized users can create and edit announcements, with formatting and flexibility to customize
  • Visuals of flight arrival, departure, and diversion demand for an airport
  • Powerful chat tool that can share information in real time
  • Visual NOTAMs displayed on a map for review
  • Arrival and departure forecasting shown in real time
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