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Airfield Radar System (ARS)

Symphony® Airfield Radar System

Offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional radar technologies, Symphony® ARS covers up to a mile in every direction. This ground-breaking technology improves the situational awareness and efficiency of airfield security and operations personnel. 

Symphony® Airfield Radar System is a turn-key solution in operation at 20 European airports

The Symphony® ARS is a turn-key delivery, which simplifies installation. Symphony® ARS radar is in operation at 20 European airports and is now available in the U.S. 

  • Wide Beam 360° Radar – Covers the airfield like a streetlight, unlike narrow beam radars that are more like a flashlight 
  • Advanced Camera System – Thermal imager and high-density color and network video recorder provide real-time assessment and forensics 
  • Classification – The system knows the difference between people or wildlife and planes or vehicles 
  • User Defined Rules – Incorporate location, classification, speed, size, direction and previous behavior to reduce false alarms and only respond to real threats 
  • Tracking Areas – Customize tracking areas with unique parameters, rules and responses 
  • Interfaces with Existing Systems – Provides a two-way interface with legacy airport access control and surveillance systems 
  • 24x7 remote and onsite hardware and software support 
  • Integrated into Symphony® OpsVue™ and MobileVue® for improved situational awareness for airfield and security personnel
Installation Type Ground level slab Rooftop to 30’ elevation
Beamwidth – Elevation 3 degrees Spread beam
Beamwidth – Azimuth 1 degree 1 degree
Max Detection Range – Vehicle 5248 feet 4920 feet
Max Detection Range – Person 3280 feet 2490 feet
Max Detection Range – Wildlife 1640 feet 1245 feet
Resolution 10 inches 10 inches
Field of View 360 degrees 360 degrees
Scan Rate 216 degrees / second 216 degrees / second
Frequency 77 GHz, no FCC license required in airports


Identification Range – Person 3280 feet
Visible Camera Block 36x color / mono total day / night camera
Imager ¼" ExView HAD
Zoom – Optical, Digital 36x, 12x
Horizontal View Angle 2.7°(T)–57.8°(W)
Lens Size 3.4–122.4 mm
Min Day Sensitivity - Color 1.4 Lux
Min Night Sensitivity - Mono 0.1 Lux
Infrared Camera FLIR core, 640x480 detector, 100mm lens, range 3280 Feet


Sensor Stand
Weight 172 pounds
Height 122 inches
Power Requirement 120 VAC, 100 VA
Wireless Network 5GHz, 100Mbps, 10 mile range, no FCC license required
Operating Temperature Range -40° to +140° F, -40° to +60° C
IP Rating IP67
Relay Outputs 6, Form A, 120 VAC @0.5 A or 30 VDC @ 1 A


Command & Control
Workstation Dell Inspiron 8GB 1TB, Windows 8
Monitor Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24-inch Widescreen Flat Panel
Remote Monitoring Yes: Via laptop, tablet, or smartphone
Network Video Recorder Capacity 4 TB
Map Types Google Earth, Aerial Photographs, Open Street Maps
Rule Types Approach, area, numeric, compound, history
Behavior Assessment Location, movement, duration, path, speed, number of rule breaks, time
Object Classification Yes: Configurable with confidence level; Used as input to rules.
Response Types Follow with camera, record CCTV, audible alarm, SMS alarm, fire wildlife mitigation device, open or close gate, control warning lights
Max Track Zones No fixed limit
Max Targets Tracked No fixed limit
Multiple ARS Stands Supported Up to 4 per workstation, seamless integration of radar and cameras
Other Sensors Supported GPS for Blue Force Tracking, broken beam, PIR, relay input

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