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CellDefender™ Cellular Access Management System

Unlike cell phone jammers, CellDefender is a complete managed access solution that establishes a real cellular network to mitigate unauthorized communications on all bands and across all protocols, including 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies.

CellDefender is designed to allow administrators to manage access to public cellular networks with the option to customize access by allowing emergency calls and up to 40 authorized users to connect to the network unimpeded. It is specifically optimized for each facility based on local commercial cellular coverage, layout of the premises, and best practices for cellular signal control. By customizing the system to cover just the commercial cellular bands and technologies that are in use at the specific facility, the solution minimizes hardware and installation costs, while allowing the facility to limit access to the commercial carrier networks. Additionally, tailoring each facility coverage area ensures the functionality is not extended beyond the facility boundaries.

CellDefender's cellular managed access mitigates inmate phone calls on contraband prison phones.

The CellDefender perimeter-based distributed antenna system ensures coverage facility wide and prevents inmates from making a successful connection in a non-covered zone and dragging the call inside the facility. The system also automatically and continuously monitors the local cellular network and alerts administrators to any changes in the environment so adjustments can be made to ensure continued coverage. Coupled with L3Harris’ commitment to invest in future bands and frequencies, like 5G, CellDefender is prepared for the future in the dynamic cellular environment.

CellDefender Downloads

  • CellDefender Sell Sheet
    CellDefender™ Sell Sheet
  • CellDefender Infographic
    Managed Access versus Jamming Infographic
  • CellDefender Flip Book
    CellDefender™ Flip Book

CellDefender Capabilities and Features

Cellular Capabilities

All technologies, all bands

  • LTE
  • GSM
  • CDMA2k 1xRTT
  • iDEN
Voice, data, SMS
Active and Passive Operation


  • Registration events
  • Access attempts (call, data, SMS)
  • Power-down events
  • Device ID (SIM, phone)
  • SOH, alarms

Authorized User Access

  • White-listing
  • MAS- provided service

Integrated PBX

  • Configurable call routing

Architected for the Enterprise

  • Networking security elements
  • External SiP, IP routing
  • Local, remote command, control, status
  • Local, remote

Cellular Environment Monitoring

  • Change detection
  • MAS verification

State of Health

  • Local, remote SOH access
  • Performance monitoring
  • Fault alarms
  • Status reporting
  • Lowest replaceable unit (LRU)

Physical Security Features

  • Rack security
  • Physical access mitigation
  • Fire/smoke alarming

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