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CMDL™ 2e (Compact Multi-band Data Link)

The L3Harris CMDL 2e is a secure, rugged, low-cost, low-SWaP, software-programmable modem product for use in size constrained military or commercial platforms as a video encoder/decoder, networked payload controller, or vehicle command and control data link. The CMDL 2e includes all modem functions and connects to a broad line of Radio Frequency Electronics (RFE) front ends, RF power amplifiers including the popular multiband 20W GaN SSPA, and antennas. CMDL 2e offers KIV 700a Type 1 and AES encryption support and high-definition video1 encoding capability. It is intended for use on group 3 UAVs, targeting pods and smaller manned aircraft.

CMDL 2e is a member of the L3Harris small form-factor product family, which is based on a common product architecture. This architecture commonality assures complete interoperability between CMDL/CMDL 2 users and other L3Harris radio variants. Additional CMDL 2e enhancements include moving all SSPA I/O to the front panel 15-pin Micro-D connector, changing video ports to more robust HD-BNC connectors and a smaller mounting footprint.2

1. To be included in future software release
2. New mounting footprint is compatible with legacy CMDL implementations

The CMDL family has been deployed on over 1,000 airborne UAV platforms, tactical manned aircraft and targeting pods

Key Features

  • Full-duplex UHF-, L-, S-, C-, and Ku-Band capable modem
  • Compact with low SWaP — perfect for UAVs, targeting pods and smaller aircraft
  • AES encryption 
  • KIV 700a Type 1
  • CMDL 2e offers an expanding list of standard waveforms and data rates, allowing the user to maximize throughput while maintaining interoperability with legacy systems
  • Increased frequency band coverage, lower power, advanced video processing, user interface compatibility and a smaller form factor than original CMDL


  • CMDL™ 2e (Compact Multi-band Data Link) Sell Sheet
    CMDL™ 2e (Compact Multi-band Data Link) Sell Sheet