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Converters / Receivers

Converters and Receivers

  • Compact Design 
    • Phase-Locked Source
    • TCXO Reference
    • High-Q Mechanical Filter
    • DCDC Converter
  • Available in Multiple Bands
  • Excellent Frequency Stability and Accuracy
  • Excellent Mechanical Robustness
  • Low Spurious
  • High Linearity

The Receiver contains low-noise amplifier modules integrated with a Downconverter. The Phase-Locked Source has a 2x multiplier, internal limiting amplifiers, and cleanup filtering in the LO path to provide a controlled stable power level to the internal mixer. The Downconverter has an integral image filter, intermediate frequencies (IF) filter, gain equalization, a temperature compensation module and a LO monitor port. This multi-function assembly is constructed using extremely robust microwave-integrated-circuit (MIC) technology. The design employs the use of balanced amplifier architecture for very stable performance and excellent tolerance to load and source impedance variations. 

They are manufactured using thin-film, chip and wire technology and utilize GaAs, PHEMT, FET devices. The internal mixer is a low-loss, double-balanced design. A High-Q mechanical filter is used in the IF path for best-in-class spurious and LO rejection performance.

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