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Counter IED

Not only can they strike troops on ground patrols and in road convoys, they are also used to kill and injure thousands of civilians. The rising number of attacks by these powerful homemade bombs is increasingly evident.

The threat of remote controlled IEDs has evolved exponentially over recent years. The ad-hoc production of these devices often makes them the weapon of choice for terrorists and insurgents seeking to disrupt, injure or kill on a large scale.

As the intensity and technology used in such attacks develops, so too must the counter measures used to defeat them. Optimum size, weight and power (SWaP) along with advanced jamming methods is required to defeat the threat, maximise resources and stay one step ahead of the enemy, shifting the balance of power whilst increasing the security and agility of patrolling and front line troops.

The proliferation via the internet of build instructions, often using commercial components with legitimate uses, has resulted in the mass-production and use of remove controlled IEDs.

As the threat continues to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to predict just how these devices will evolve. The ability to adapt quickly, utilising software defined architectures to produce effective counter measures in response to these emerging threats, is vital in the continuing fight against terrorism and insurgency.

The BROADSHIELD HCS is L3Harris' latest generation high power active and reactive ECM solution. Utilising BROADSHIELD MCS technology the innovative, modular design enables the individual units to be re-roled for dismounted or EOD carry forward operations.

HCS has up to 180W of jamming capability. The system is scalable with one, two or three stack combinations and can be optimised with banded antennas to offer maximum force protection across a continuous frequency range of 20MHz to 6GHz.

The HCS system benefits from software definable fills that are uploaded via a common programming and control interface. L3Harris maintains commonality across the BROADSHIELD range to minimise the training and logistical burden on existing or new users, enabling a quick and smooth transition into service.

The HCS can be deployed in dual use mode, with a firmware switch enabling a rapid transition from a force protection to electronic attack capability. This dual use permits counter remote controlled IED operations while in transit and complex communications denial in an electronic warfare role — all from the same platform.


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