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Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB)

Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB)

Reduces costs and improves airline and passenger experiences.

Operating to plan is an increasing challenge for airports because flights sometimes don’t arrive or depart on schedule. As a result, airports are rethinking how they plan for day-of operations.

DCB uses state-of-the-art simulation and analytics to predict how weather, network congestion, airport maintenance and operational use of infrastructure impact airport performance. The solution forecasts demand and balances it with available capacity to improve operational readiness.

Combines insight and planning for airport operations.

DCB allows users to create an AOP for each day with several additional ‘what-if’ plans. It predicts on/off block times for all flights and the resulting delays contained in the AOP.

The solution combines with real-time data sources like flight plans and arrival and departure managers. This determines the operational outcomes with an advanced, cloud-based simulation in less than 30 seconds, taking into account uncertainty in the input data.

Providing a better passenger experience.

DCB allows the airport to create plans that model and minimize negative impacts from a pre-tactical vantage point by using the data from an AOP. The solution improves flight punctuality and positively impacts affected connections and transfers. It enables timely decision making for reduced airport disruptions.

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