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Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB)

Demand Capacity Balancer

DCB extends an airport's operational look-ahead time from 90 minutes to six months. The solution is part of a rolling airport operations plan (AOP) and bridges the gap between pre-tactical and tactical planning so an airport can have the best possible performance.

  • Combined data science, analytics, and advanced simulations puts the airport in control of pre-tactical decisions
  • Rolling AOP creates and maintains key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) enhancement integrates into existing A-CDM solutions
  • Operational outcome simulation maintains KPIs on a selected day (e.g. punctuality, delays)
  • What-If planning tests the effects of alternative operational decisions
  • Demand and capacity modeling uses a range of aviation data and carefully configured simulations
  • Expected disruption modeling for plan development to minimize impacts 
  • Provides better planning by detecting hotspots where demand exceeds capacity
  • Plans for optimal runway closure and outstation impact
  • Improves passenger experiences by reducing missed connections
  • Lowers airline operating costs through improved punctuality
  • Proactively responds to increased regional hub pressures
  • Enables pre-tactical decision making with alternative AOPs and enhanced Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)

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