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Our filter portfolio includes low-, high- and band-pass filters, as well as band reject filters and multiplexers including diplexers, triplexers, quadraplexors and pentaplexors.

Bandwidths are from 1% to multioctave. The filters may be designed using a combline, waveguide and lumped element topologies and are capable to operate with RF input powers up to 200 Watts without multipaction or corona effects. Customer requirements are carefully reviewed and used to develop filters using the full 3D finite element method (FEM) and finite element analytic (FEA) techniques. Filters are implemented in aluminum or Invar depending on the thermal stability requirements. RF detectors and other features can be integrated in the main filter body to provide enhanced performance.

  • Designs from 1.0 MHz through 60 GHz
  • Low Insertion Loss Designs
  • Elliptic and Pseudo-Elliptic Function
  • Excellent Skirt Selectivity
  • High Rejection and High Channel-to-Channel Isolation Designs
  • Amplitude and Phase Matching Designs
  • High Power Capabilities
  • Low Passive Intermodulation Products (PIMs)
  • Coaxial & Waveguide Interfaces
  • Lumped Element Filters and Multiplexers
  • Coaxial Transverse-Electromagnetic (TEM) / Dielectric Resonator-Based Filters 
  • Combline and Interdigital Filters
  • Stripline and Microstrip Filters
  • Waveguide-Based Components
  • Waveguide Cavity Coupled Filters
  • Circular Cavity Dual Mode Filters
  • Waffle Iron / Corrugated Low-Pass Filters

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