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Improved Position and Azimuth Determining System (IPADS)

Improved Position and Azimuth Determining System (IPADS)

L3Harris' IPADS is a self-contained inertial surveying system developed to meet today’s demanding U.S. Army and Marine Corps survey needs. Survey operations functionality, navigational accuracy, transportability, survivability and affordability requirements drove the system design.

The IPADS system is composed of:   
  • Compact Position/Navigation Unit (CPNU)
  • Control and Display Unit (CDU)
  • Battery and Charger Unit (BCU)
  • Porro Prism Assembly (PPA)
  • High-precision common survey delivers efficient mass fires
  • Impervious to jamming (GPS-unaided mode)
  • Resistant to jamming (GPS-aided mode)
  • Navigation aids
    • Compass rose and digital maps
  • Simplified user interface
    • Guides user through survey operations
  • In-vehicle survey
  • Combat-proven
  • Embedded built-in test (BIT)
  • High-reliability MTBF, low MTTR
  • No periodic calibration required
  • Various associated vehicle mounting kits

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