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Modeling / Simulation

IDEAtion Center

Advanced Modeling and  Simulation for Mission Success

The IDEAtion Center is a high fidelity, physics-based modeling capability focused on the total mission rather than a single component. Its innovative Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) simulation environment brings together space, air, surface and subsurface entities and applies them collaboratively to exercises. This technology enables users to evaluate mission strategy and tactics in an almost limitless variety of complex scenarios. 

The IDEAtion Center supports development of system-level solutions that address the anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) environment, which is increasingly relevant as adversaries develop more sophisticated technological capabilities. 

IDEAtion Center Highlights:
  • A highly scalable simulation environment, with the computational capacity to support well over 10,000 entities 
  • Ability to simulate the movement of mission entities through geophysical space with the effects of real world dynamics, atmospherics and terrain
  • Capable of modeling missions consisting of hundreds of possible configurations and platform combinations, generating different Measures of Effectiveness (MoEs)/Measures of Performance (MoPs) for analysis, decision-making and planning
  • A framework that allows for different fidelity models to interact with each other, providing the capability to scale the complexity and the quantity of the platforms/payloads as needed 

Capable of supporting multiple security classifications, the IDEAtion Center environment is built on commodity hardware and runs on an open-source system that can readily incorporate models and simulation engines of varying fidelities.

Technologies Designed to Drive Outcomes

L3Harris' training and simulation technologies constantly raise the bar in helping customers achieve their training objectives more effectively and efficiently. Today, L3Harris draws from a broad portfolio of industry-leading training and simulation technologies to develop and deliver tailored solutions.

Training Devices 

L3Harris is the documented world leader in military simulators fielded and in operation. Today that figure stands at 500 training devices, covering a wide range of simulators for fixed-wing, rotary-wing and unmanned aircraft platforms. Our training devices meet exacting U.S. and international military and government customer requirements, from new pilot training to sophisticated mission rehearsals, all over the world. 

  • Weapon Systems Trainers
  • Operational Flight Trainers
  • Tactical Operational Flight Trainers
  • SimuStrike Tactical Trainers
  • Tactical Readiness Trainers/Part Task Trainers
  • Reconfigurable Collective Training Devices
  • Tactical Operational Readiness Trainers
  • Unmanned Aircraft Ground Control Systems Trainers
Performance Optimization Technology

L3Harris’ approach to performance optimization supports the most effective acquisition of knowledge and skills by individuals and crews, with superior retention over time. Our approach accelerates learning through a combination of highly immersive training experiences, real-time performance assessment, and dynamic lesson and curriculum tailoring optimized to the individual.

L3Harris performance optimization technology reduces training-related life-cycle costs, returning trainees to their duties more quickly and maximizing utilization of training resources. Our performance monitoring and assessment technology provides instructors and students with real-time feedback, allowing for immediate coaching through a mix of instructor and automated guidance. The result:

  • A highly engaging, immersive training experience that optimally addresses every learning objective with real-world relevance
  • Training solutions that tap the trainee’s natural drive to excel, allowing for self-pacing to the degree allowed by customer training requirements
  • Real-time and after-action performance scoreboards pinpoint exact areas of trainee and crew strengths and opportunities for improvement
Blended Learning

L3Harris blends highly realistic simulated and real-world training content—combined with learning interventions that dynamically respond to trainee performance in real time—to maximize learning outcomes. This approach enables just-in-time coaching, automatically and via instructor response, that aligns with each customer’s specific training requirements and objectives. 

L3Harris blended learning utilizes early immersion to immediately and continuously engage students from the beginning. Just-in-time expert coaching and other learning interventions support more rapid, comprehensive mastery of all knowledge, skills and attitudes required for mission success.

Blended learning:

  • Leverages the highest-fidelity training content and blends it across training media to optimize a curriculum within a customer’s requirements and objectives
  • Utilizes performance-assessment technology that optimally integrates learning aids with training content in real time, based on rulesets defined by our instructional analysts and subject matter experts in cooperation with the customer
Point-of-Need Delivery

L3Harris’ Point-of-Need training delivery approach reduces training costs by making training content available, securely, wherever the trainee is located. Our approach improves training resource utilization by meeting learning objectives across a wide range of immersive trainee interaction devices. L3Harris provides customers with unprecedented training flexibility, minimizing disruption to unit operations traditionally caused by training needs.

  • Secure content delivery mechanisms place highly immersive, high fidelity training content on devices ranging from handhelds to laptops to traditional part-task and full-motion simulators
  • A successful blend of high fidelity simulation and other learning content that delivers the integrated training experience with Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) conformance, locally or remotely  
  • Content delivery approach incorporates an advanced data protection architecture and security features as key enablers supporting accreditation along with the DoD’s CyberSecurity Risk Management Framework
Networked Training

Over a decade ago, L3Harris began fielding reconfigurable simulators to support the U.S. Army’s Aviation Combined Army Tactical Trainer (AVCATT) and the service’s Flight School XXI Reconfigurable Collective Training Devices. The flexibility of these devices has enabled the Army to conduct networked training for aviators across its frontline platforms while helping to maximize the Army’s training dollar. We have applied our learnings to expand our network training capabilities to meet customer requirements across a broad range of fixed-wing platforms.

Trainer Technology Solutions

HD World®

  • Provides a realistic, high fidelity synthetic environmental simulation 
  • Immerses pilots in dynamic high-definition training scenarios
  • Supports day/night, low-altitude and all-weather training
  • Realistically simulates employment of a full range of weapons and sensors
  • Fully integrates displays, image generation, databases and dynamic environments
  • Improves visual display realism continuously by tapping into tools from the commercial gaming industry, particularly vehicles and people, facial expressions, behaviors and crowds
  • Utilizes time-stamped satellite data to support simulated mission rehearsal

SimuSphere® HD

  • Provides an immersive visual display component to HD World
  • Enables pilots to accurately detect and identify targets from distances they experience during actual missions
  • Displays out-the-window imagery at high levels of resolution, brightness and contrast
  • Supports a highly realistic simulated night vision goggle (NVG) mission capability

Night Vision Training System

  • Combines the image generation system, NVG displays and correlated databases in a single, integrated system
  • Enables aircrews to use their own night vision goggles during night operations training while accurately viewing stimulated effects that include halos, light blooms, weapon launches and detonations

Helping the USAF Stay on the Leading Edge of Warfighter Training

Building on its position on the leading edge of research and development (R&D) for warfighter training, L3Harris has a decade-long partnership with the U.S. Air Force Research Lab’s (AFRL’s) Warfighter Readiness Research Division (RHA) to advance its warfighter readiness and training program.

L3Harris is the prime contractor on the program, working with a number of other leading providers to conduct a wide range of research into advanced technologies aimed at improving current and future Air Force, joint and coalition training effectiveness.

Our R&D role focuses on enabling and streamlining the day-to-day development, delivery, management, tracking and performance of local, distributed mission training and full LVC operations. The program is structured to transition new technologies and improved training methods directly to the warfighter, transforming current training doctrine and developing technologies of the future.

As part of the program, L3Harris provides comprehensive evaluation and validation of training approaches, including methods, tools, instrumentation and enterprise infrastructure for learning and student performance. We also manage the operations and maintenance (O&M) of RHA’s testbeds.

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