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NextGen Data Subscription

NextGen Data Subscription

The power of comprehensive real-time flight tracking data 

For the first time, aircraft operators and airportsalong with key industry stakeholderscan unlock the full value of the FAA’s investment in satellite-based surveillance to streamline business operations, enhance Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) and support mission-critical applications. The L3Harris NextGen data feed offers the aviation industry access to a historic and real-time view of all National Airspace System (NAS) airborne assets and airport surface traffic data through a single, integrated nationwide surveillance database.

The most comprehensive flight tracking data set available 

The L3Harris NextGen data feed integrates the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) feed with multiple redundant real-time FAA surveillance sources into a single fused data feed that is more accurate, complete and updated more frequently than any other commercially available flight track data source. L3Harris NextGen data is a “multi-sensor-based” solution that aggregates all available surveillance sources, including:

  • FAA en route radars
  • FAA terminal radars
  • FAA Airport Surface Detection Equipment X Band (ASDE-X) systems
  • FAA Airport Surface Surveillance Capability (ASSC) systems
  • FAA Aircraft Situational Display to Industry (ASDI) oceanic and Canadian tracks only
  • L3Harris ADS-B data feed

These fused tracks are populated with flight plans from the FAA’s host air traffic management system and the ASDI data. The resulting NextGen L3Harris data feed is a comprehensive representation of aircraft identification, tail number, beacon code, aircraft type, origin, destination, current location and other metadata fields, for each flight in the NAS with real-time updating. The data feed is supported at 24x7x365 to provide 99.5% and higher data availability. The NextGen L3Harris data feed is provided in standard formats to facilitate the easy exchange of flight information and seamlessly integrates with airline and airport information and operation systems, as well as custom software applications.

  • Single source for all flight tracking needs
  • Customizable to specific user requirements
  • Fused multi-sensor surveillance provides redundant data sources so there is less risk for loss of data coverage
  • Geo-referenced data – all surveillance sources are calibrated after fusion to provide more accurate aircraft positions
  • Most complete, reliable and real-time updated flight tracking data with guaranteed availability of 99.5% or greater
  • Centralized monitoring at L3Harris Network Operations Center

Subscriptions for the L3Harris NextGen data feed are available through real-time web services data feed providing customers with the industry’s definitive source of up-to-the-second, continuously improving, next-generation flight tracking data.

Customers may purchase the data feed in its entirety or as separate data segments, including terminal area, surface, user-defined geographic regions, user-defined altitude bands and fleet (specific airline assets) information.

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