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Orthogon Arrival Manager (AMAN)

"L3Harris Orthogon's Arrival Manager software meets all technical and operational requirements as well as the Safety Management and Quality Assurance objectives. Avinor judged the Orthogon AMAN the most user friendly and the most mature arrival management software on the market."

Kristian Pjaaten, Project Team Manager at Avinor

Orthogon Arrival Manager

Orthogon AMAN Manages Traffic Efficiently and Safely.

The objective for the Orthogon AMAN is to manage the flow of arriving aircraft in a way that makes best use of the available Air Traffic Management (ATM) resources such as runways and airspace. To achieve this goal, AMAN sequences arrivals and generates advice for all controllers involved, if required, in a multi-runway configuration and multi-airport environment.

Orthogon AMAN helps optimize the arrival sequence, which greatly reduces the number and length of Terminal Management Area (TMA) delays. Planes no longer have to circle the airport while waiting to land, which helps reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


  • Orthogon AMAN and DMAN Data Sheet

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