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Orthogon Coupled AMAN-DMAN

Orthogon Coupled AMAN-DMAN

Optimizing runway usage at high-demand, capacity-constrained airports can be difficult, especially for mixed-mode operations where airports have only one runway for both arrivals and departures. Coupled AMAN-DMAN solves the problem of when and where to insert departures into the airport arrival stream by identifying time gaps and the ability to use that gained time for additional departures thus resulting in increased efficiency.

While individual AMAN and DMAN systems offer important benefits, a coupled system unlocks additional improvements for mixed-mode runways such as further improved predictability and capacity. A more realistic and precise accuracy on landing and departure times will increase predictability. Consequently, situational awareness is improved for Tower and Approach allowing them to better plan while accomplishing their performance goals.

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  • Coupled AMAN-DMAN Data Sheet

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