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Orthogon Pre-Departure Sequencer

Orthogon Pre-Departure Sequencer

The Orthogon PDS automatically calculates Estimated Take-off Times (ETOT) for each outbound flight, leading to an initial departure sequence, representing the earliest possible take-off time without any capacity constraints at the runway. Calculations are based on Target Off-Block Times (TOBT) and Variable Taxi Times (VTT). 

The continuous take-off sequencing process results in Target Take-off Times (TTOTs) and Target Start-up Approval Times (TSATs) which can be shared among all stakeholders according to local requirements. Airports and ground handling companies are supported in efficiently allocating their available resources.

For customer support for Orthogon suite products, contact us at [email protected].


  • Orthogon Pre-Departure Sequencer Data Sheet

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