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RangeVue™ Pro

RangeVue™ Pro Overview

All UAS operating in the NAS are required to stay safely away from any manned aircraft flying in their vicinity at all times. To accomplish this, remote pilots need to have real-time, highly accurate and reliable electronic surveillance systems to monitor the airspace around their UAS.

Consumer-oriented solutions cannot meet the high performance expectations for aviation-grade situational awareness. This forces UAS pilots to implement additional safety measures that limit the efficiency and value of their own flight operations and diminishes the benefits of flying unmanned aircraft.

What is RangeVue

RangeVue™ Pro is the only aviation-grade, airspace situational awareness tool that integrates UAS operations safely into the NAS. It combines comprehensive surveillance visibility, reliability of service, and scalability for local or nation-wide deployment.

RangeVue™ Pro uses surveillance data feeds from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) national sensor networks and augments them with locally deployed infrastructure. This optimizes the system for the particular operational airspace at a low-cost. With RangeVue™ Pro, UAS operators, UAS fleet managers, public safety agencies and regulators have complete awareness of their airspace.

RangeVue™ Pro provides operators with both real time and historical situational awareness information across the NAS. This allows remote pilots to operate aircraft with full visibility into all unmanned and manned aircraft in a given area. The system offers event playback and flexible geofencing capabilities. RangeVue™ Pro also uses unique sense and avoid and alert capabilities to improve safety and efficiency in operations.

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