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Solid Laminate Radomes

Product Specifications

L3Harris' solid laminate radomes are rigid, self-supporting shell-type structures. Unlike sandwich radomes, which use a multi-layer construction with skins and core, these radomes are constructed with solid fiberglass walls and can provide a cost-effective option in smaller sizes.

Our solid laminate radome applications can be used effectively for many communication and weather radar antennas operating below 3 GHz.

Often suitable for commercial SATCOM, EMI test facilities, and low-frequency tracking applications. Designs are also available for higher frequency applications but usually for smaller radomes.

For radomes up to 12 ft. (3.66 m) in diameter, wind speeds of 150 mph or (241.4 kph) higher can be withstood. Above 12 ft., lower wind speeds are appropriate as the costs and electromagnetic performance start to suffer with thicker radome walls.

For radomes up to 10 ft. (3.05 m) in diameter, single-piece radomes are available. To minimize shipping problems with diameters 10 ft. and above, multiple panel designs can be used.

As with all other L3Harris radomes, preimpregnated fiberglass materials are used to help carefully control resin content and thickness.

To keep costs low on multi-panel designs, L3Harris solid laminate radomes panels are not randomly oriented. Instead, they are generally arranged in neat vertical and horizontal rows. This architecture minimizes costs but allows for greater boresight and sidelobe degradation than our other rigid radomes with a randomized panel design. The panels are easy to assemble from inside the radome, using our captivated T-nut design.

L3Harris' solid laminate radomes perform well at frequencies below 3 GHz or at higher frequencies when the wall thickness can be tuned for narrow bandwidths.

The following chart provides typical electromagnetic performance data.

Small One Piece Solid Laminate Radomes for High-Frequency Applications

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