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Specialist Intelligence Networks

Specialist intelligence networks remain the most reliable form of information security for any organisation with a requirement to protect data, assets and infrastructure.

Commercial software encryption solutions work on general purpose processing platforms, leaving them vulnerable. The multiple interfaces, operating functionality and patched nature of many systems present an invitingly large attack surface for hackers. And your attack surface is your exposure to an increasing number of security threats.

By contrast our hardware-based architecture and AES256 encryption is single purpose and best of breed – cutting edge, tamper-proof, government grade technology that doesn’t involve third parties or outsourcing in its design, development and manufacture.

Our encryption expertise has been honed in the most challenging, front-line environments where scalability and interoperability are paramount. So from the local to global, and down to the highly tactical and mobile we can deliver seamless network security. For cloud services, distributed and transport networks and in every sector from finance and retail to health, manufacturing and critical national infrastructures, easy installation and ‘fit and forget’ operation ensures that encryption doesn’t place an additional burden on the network team.

As cost effective, versatile and easy to configure as our solutions are, they nonetheless deliver government grade information assurance. Every solution we provide is engineered to meet the most demanding requirements, combining low latency with high security.

Specialist Intelligence Networks Sell Sheet

  • L3Harris Specialist Intelligence Networks

    CATAPAN: Government Grade Information Assurance and Resilience Brochure


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