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  • Type 1 encryption capable in a pocket-sized, full-motion video receiver
  • Interoperable with fielded ISR and fighter aircraft video transmitters
  • Receives and displays video, aircraft position and sensor point of interest simultaneously
  • Automatic waveform search
  • Speed dial preset recall; quickly switch between multiple video feeds
  • Powered by MBITR battery

Key Benefits

The L3Harris TACTICAL ROVERe is the first pocket-sized, encrypted, full-motion video and data receiver. Designed for dismounted ground combat operations, our TACTICAL ROVERe can withstand harsh conditions while maintaining reliable communications with manned and unmanned aircraft capable of transmitting full-motion video. The TACTICAL ROVERe supports several external interfaces, allowing interoperability with display devices, wearable computers and power sources. TACTICAL ROVERe is delivered with the L3Harris FlightLens™ Player 1.0 software suite, allowing ground troops to view and record aircraft position and sensor point of interest on FalconView® moving map software. TACTICAL ROVERe brings unprecedented situational awareness and communications security to the farthest reaches of the battlefield.


  • Handheld TACTICAL ROVER® Comparison Sell Sheet
    Handheld TACTICAL ROVER® Comparison Sell Sheet