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Vantage Automated Aircraft Identification System

Automated Aircraft Identification System

Vantage captures images of aircraft activity and determines the owner/operators by matching the tail number within the industry-leading operator database. Knowing who, what, when and where from Vantage’s fused identification data sources gives airport staff the best available information to make informed decisions, leading to reduced costs, increased revenue and enhanced security.

In partnership with Vector Airport Systems, Vantage’s owner/operator database is the most complete in the world – the result of active billing relationships with operators of more than 38,000 aircraft.

Aircraft operations data is available via Vantage’s secure, web-based airport portal where authorized users can visualize, query, sort, and export aircraft operations and related details such as the following:

  • Operations date/time
  • Activity type: arrivals, departures, and touch & goes
  • Runway utilization
  • Aircraft ID/flight number
  • Model/weight/engine type
  • Owner/operator data

Data collected through Vantage can be integrated into an airport’s Airport Operations Database (AODB), Symphony’s PlanePass billing system, as well as Symphony’s EnvironmentalVue® solution, providing improved identification of all aircraft.

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