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Building Upon Today’s Successes Toward Prosperity Through Technology

The United Arab Emirates and its regional allies are steering the Middle East into a dynamic and prosperous new era.

As the UAE’s minister of state for foreign affairs, His Excellency Dr. Anwar Gargash, recently said: “The UAE wants to reaffirm its global position, in terms of business, in terms of finance, in terms of logistics. You can’t do this by maintaining an exclusivist view of the world.”

Industry applauds these steps toward national sovereignty, regional collaboration and technological innovation. It is a vision that we at L3Harris Technologies know requires Abu Dhabi and its Gulf allies to invest in advanced new technologies to defend against threats from adversaries.

These threats come from militaries, terrorist organizations, ethnic and religious militias, and cybercriminals. Combatting these adversaries requires developing state-of-the-art intelligence and communications systems and the ability to rapidly synthesize this information to respond.

L3Harris was formed last year out of a merger of defense and technology companies with more than 100 years of experience developing these communication systems. Our legacy businesses ranged from producing tactical radios and night vision systems, to components for satellites. Our shared history also included becoming a world leader in integrated communication systems.

Our merger provides us with the capabilities to help the UAE and other countries defend themselves against the entire range of modern-day threats. And we do this with products that can communicate concurrently through both legacy and digital systems and that are interoperable with outside security networks.

Our regional partners need to be equipped with capabilities to perform three core tasks simultaneously:

  • Gathering information on potential threats 
  • Synthesizing this data and information in real-time to enable timely decision making
  • Obtaining localized training for timely and independent responses 

New advances in total mission control solutions allow surveillance and reconnaissance drawn from sensors on airplanes, observation towers, all-terrain vehicles, maritime assets and drones to be synthesized through integrated tactical communication hubs and border-crossing posts, for complete Situational Awareness.

When this analyzed information is quickly relayed to forces in the field–whether in patrol boats, all-terrain vehicles or in the sky–soldiers themselves become communication hubs. They deploy with hyper-connected mobile surveillance gear, encrypted communications, and night-vision capabilities.

hC2 Command and Control

L3Harris supports UAE and Gulf allies’ efforts to neutralize the threats now present in their region. Rivals have shown their determination to test the country’s borders, waterways, and airspace integrity. Additionally, these challenges are increasingly playing out in the cyber world and through information warfare.

For L3Harris, providing the technological solutions and in-country support to confront these challenges is not a short-term engagement. It is an enduring union that is aimed at transferring to our partners the technologies and know-how required so that they can become operationally independent as quickly as possible. We are eager to help the UAE reach its vision for 2071.

The world and the Middle East are going through tremendous change. The UAE has proven itself to be a rare international leader that seeks to stabilize and modernize their country while working cooperatively with other states. L3Harris looks forward to growing its existing UAE partnership to help the country reach its goals.

Chris Aebli, President of L3Harris Global Communication Systems

Chris Aebli is president of L3Harris Global Communication Systems, proven experts in sub-system design, integration, installation, training and support. Global Communication Systems is part of L3Harris Communication Systems, an industry leader in tactical voice and data communications, camera and sensor data, weapons aiming and battlefield management systems.


Gary W. Rosholt, RADM, U.S. Navy (Ret), Corporate Vice President of L3Harris United Arab Emirates

UAE In-Country Business Development Contact:

Gary W. Rosholt, RADM, U.S. Navy (Ret) is corporate vice president of L3Harris United Arab Emirates. He leads the corporate office in Abu Dhabi and is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the company’s business interests in the Emirates, including cross-business strategy, operations, and growth of L3Harris programs as well as successful execution of all ongoing business.