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Customers Comment on Flight Data Monitoring Support Throughout the Pandemic

Customer Testimonials

“Outsourcing flight data monitoring to L3Harris has been really positive step for our safety management system. They take care of all the validation, analysis and investigation of flight data, allowing us to concentrate on managing safety .L3Harris’ detailed, timely analysis of events and presentation of data statistics has identified areas of the operation for discussion, generated engagement in safety and facilitated key safety interventions.”
Susan Gautrey
“First of all, I would like to say thank you and that we appreciate the continuous and outstanding support that you and your colleagues have provided to MNA since we started using your services (FDM) back in 2015. We thoroughly enjoyed your successful Safety Workshop. We learned a lot and now have a greater understanding of Flight Data Analysis. We look forward to continuing this partnership.   Thank you again for the excellent support!” 
Myo Thura
Director of Safety, Myanmar National Airlines 
“I just want to mention the excellent support we have from you at L3Harris, specially from Andy, when it comes FDM. Yesterday, I was called up by Andy who had just validated a flight with several serious events. We were informed about this specific flight beforehand from crew, but the information we had didn't really reflect the severity when later viewing the data you delivered. I feel very safe having this kind of support from you and I would like this to be mentioned and acknowledged!”
Johan Dackenberg
Flight Safety Manager, Star Air

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