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Three Ways a Realistic Driving Simulator Prepares Your Driving Crew

In the past, training for a driving job involved a lot of time on the road or a closed track, practicing various maneuvers, and getting comfortable with the equipment. There was just no other way to train a new driver, regardless of the number of drawbacks:

  • Company vehicles were tied up in training, rather than in other work
  • Vehicle availability limited the number of drivers who could train at any given time
  • Training puts additional wear and tear on vehicles
  • There were limited opportunities to train for different conditions. For example, you could only train for driving in the rain or snow if the weather allowed it
  • Putting untrained drivers on the road or even in a training course carried the risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage

However, thanks to new advancements in technology, you can train your drivers more safely, thoroughly, and conveniently using a realistic driving simulator. This software provides several benefits, including reduced costs and more efficient training.

Fewer Accidents

How do you train for tire blowouts, bad road conditions, and animals or pedestrians in the roadway? An extreme car driving simulator allows you to experience these events virtually so your drivers can learn how to respond to each scenario appropriately. 

Studies have shown that training police officers in driving simulators have produced an impressive 12:1 return on investment because of the significant reduction in accidents.

Additional Employer Benefits

  • In addition to the ROI and increased safety for your employees, your company can reap the following benefits from using a realistic driving simulator for training:
  • You won’t need to use company vehicles to train new drivers. While your employees learn in a virtual environment, your rigs are available for business. This reduces the need for repairs or costly maintenance checkups
  • Simulators create virtual experiences highlighting dangerous situations that drivers may find themselves in at some point. They provide this experience without risk of injury. Training drivers to properly respond to or avoid these scenarios altogether is important, but this valuable knowledge is learned in a risk-free environment where trainees do not jeopardize their own personal safety
  • A customizable training program focuses on the specific needs of your business. Create scenarios that are realistic and give employees the knowledge they need to be successful in your company
  • Leverage the technology skills your employees bring into today’s workplace. Most trainees and new employees already possess expertise when it comes to online learning or gaming apps. Training with simulators builds upon that knowledge
  • Driver retention from simulators is much more effective than using books or lectures. When training is fun, effective, and entertaining, students remember the learned information for longer periods of time. This is especially true when they regularly practice their knowledge hands-on
  • You’ll save some money. You won’t have to spend as much on wear and tear. Also, there may be insurance discounts associated with utilizing simulators instead of putting untrained drivers on the road

Developing and Proving Skills

The possible scenarios you can create in a realistic driving simulator are endless. Your instructors can manipulate weather, road conditions, and vehicle settings within seconds. This gives your drivers the chance to demonstrate their skills and show they can keep a clear, cool head no matter the situation. 

Some programs allow you to bypass any pass/fail criteria. Rather, you can choose to focus on identifying positive responses and ways for trainees to apply what they’ve learned. Instructors can then highlight opportunities for growth and improvement. This positive coaching model helps drivers learn and improve, building confidence with every scenario they successfully navigate. 

Prepare Your Employees for the Road

L3Harris’ truck and van simulator provides your drivers with the skills they need to stay safe on the road and avoid accidents. With their versatile and personalized training services, you can equip your drivers to develop the specific skills they need to improve their efficiency, safety, and performance behind the wheel.

Contact L3Harris for more information about driver training services and realistic driving simulators.

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