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FAA Certifies New L3Harris Technologies Cockpit Voice and Data Recorder With 25 Hour Capacity

Jul 23, 2020



  • Becomes first L3Harris industry certified recorder meeting EASA’s 2021 mandate
  • Combined voice and data recorder available on new and existing aircraft platforms
  • Provides more than 25 hours of cockpit voice and more than 70 hours of data recording

L3Harris Technologies’ (NYSE:LHX) new cockpit voice and data recorder, SRVIVR25™ CVDR, has received the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Technical Standard Order (TSO) certification. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and other regulatory bodies also recognize the FAA certification.

“The SRVIVR25 series of recorders can improve operations and efficiency by providing the most data ever available for airlines to analyze and determine actionable recommendations,” said Terry Flaishans, President of Avionics, L3Harris. “Operators can quickly download the cockpit, datalink and flight performance data giving them the ability to scrutinize and understand scenarios for standard, as well as adverse flight events.”

The SRVIVR25 CVDR exceeds 25 hours of cockpit voice recording over four audio channels and over 25 hours of Datalink recording, as well as more than 70 hours of flight data recording meeting EASA’s voice recording mandate for new aircraft entering service starting January 1, 2021. Similar mandates are in place for Malaysia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong and Qatar.

The entire series includes models and variations for cockpit voice recorders, cockpit voice and data recorders and flight data recorders based on ARINC 747, ARINC 757 and/or OEM standards for functionality, wiring and aircraft type. Besides exceeding mandated requirements, the SRVIVR25 series will include future functionality for Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System and timely recovery of flight data to support industry requests.

The SRVIVR25 CVDR is being introduced on the new Airbus A320; the SRVIVR25 ARINC 757 Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), and later the CVDR will be introduced on the new Airbus A330 and A350 platforms, whereas the A220 will stay on SRVIVR25 ARINC 757 solution. The SRVIVR25 ARINC757 is available and being offered to Airlines as a retrofit solution for the A330 and A350 platforms. The newly certified SRVIVR25 will enter service as a dual CVDR configuration installed as a line-fit solution on the A320 family later this year. To learn more about the SRVIVR25 product line, visit

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