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L3Harris sells advanced and capable products, technology and services globally. We are committed to conducting business ethically, with trusted partners while following all applicable domestic and international laws and regulations related to these transactions. Additionally, L3Harris’ membership in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Customs Trade Partnership (CTPAT) program augments the existing Trade Compliance program.

Every employee is required to take annual trade education and must do their part to ensure no transaction occurs that is contrary to trade regulations. All suppliers are expected to abide by our Code and operate in full compliance with trade laws.

Our Code of Conduct

CTPAT Resources

Every day, we need to work to secure and protect our facilities, our people, our data systems, our international cargo and data. This is also true of our business partners. While CTPAT and other international supply chain security and trade compliance program (i.e., PIP, AEO, etc.) are voluntary, L3Harris encourages our business partners to follow our lead. We believe that CTPAT offers businesses an opportunity to play an active role in the war against terrorism. By participating in this worldwide supply chain program, companies will ensure a more secure supply chain for their employees, suppliers and customers. 

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Have a concern?

L3Harris is committed to ongoing compliance with all applicable trade laws and regulations. If you, our trusted business partner, witness or suspect a supply chain security breach, please report it to L3Harris immediately.


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