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Launching SLS to the Moon and Beyond

Editorial | 4 MINUTE Read

Launching SLS to the Moon and Beyond: L3Harris’ Critical Role in the Artemis Missions

As the core stage and twin-solid rocket boosters propel the Space Launch System (SLS) off the launch pad, L3Harris’ avionics begin their journey that will last a short eight minutes. Those initial eight minutes are critical to propelling not only spacecraft but also humans out of Earth’s atmosphere and into orbit. From orbit, the upper stage continues the journey with in-space propulsion to set the spacecraft on a trajectory to reach the Moon and eventually Mars.
L3Harris Secures $700 Million Advanced Missile Tracking Space Development Agency Program

Press release | 2 Minute Read

L3Harris Secures $700 Million Advanced Missile Tracking Space Development Agency Program

L3Harris Technologies has been awarded a contract to build the Space Development Agency’s (SDA) Tranche 1 Tracking Layer satellite program to serve as “eyes in the sky” detecting, identifying and tracking advanced missile threats. The contract has a potential total value of $700 million.
Flight Data Connect visualization over river and city

L3Harris Safety Seminar 2022

L3Harris provides advanced space domain awareness (SDA) capabilities that the U.S. military relies on to detect, attribute and respond to threats against U.S., allied and partner space systems – so there is never a day without space.
Editorial | 7 minute

An Antidote To Anti-Satellite Threats: L3Harris’ Advanced Optical Assemblies

Jon Rambeau with Sean Stackley
Press release | 3 Minute

Jon Rambeau Named as New President of L3Harris’ Integrated Missions Systems Segment

L3Harris Flight Academy Piper Aircraft
Editorial | 3 minute

L3Harris' Florida Flight Academy Earns Additional Regulatory Approvals

Ohio Defense & Aerospace Forum 2022

Ohio Defense & Aerospace Forum 2022

MQ-9 Reaper Ribbon Cutting - UAS Repair Depot
Editorial | 3 MINUTES

Organic Repair Depots Ensure UAS Operational Effectiveness

Weather Satellite Technology

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'S JPSS-2 Satellite Launch

U.S. Air Force NAOC Mission 60th Anniversary E-4B
Editorial | 5 MINUTE

L3Harris Joins U.S. Air Force in NAOC Mission 60th Anniversary Celebration

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L3Harris Logo Package


  • CEO Chris Kubasik
    Christopher E. “Chris” Kubasik
    Chair and Chief Executive Officer
  • Michelle Turner
    Michelle L. Turner
    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


Second Quarter Calendar 2022 Earnings Call

L3Harris hosted a conference call to discuss its second quarter 2022 financial results.


Conference Call


July 29, 2022
8:30 a.m. ET

Media Contacts

Paul Swiergosz

Phone: 321-724-3434 | 321-378-5631

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Lance Martin

Integrated Mission Systems
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Irene Lockwood

Space and Airborne Systems
Phone: 585-465-3592

Jason Simpson

External Communications
Phone: 603-400-9285


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