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Airservices Australia Enterprise Network Design

Program Information

L3Harris has been awarded the initial planning and design phase for Airservices Australia’s enterprise-wide telecommunications network. L3Harris will lead a consortium of best-in-class industry partners to design the communications and surveillance systems of Airservices.

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An Enabling Platform to Support Future Initiatives

The planning and design phase will define a foundational platform for a customized, integrated system of systems to meet the future needs of Airservices Australia. A modern and scalable network solution is critical to the integration of new technologies and the execution of Airservices future strategy.

Partnering to Design Systems

In partnership with Airservices, L3Harris will lead a consortium to plan and design an integrated, enterprise system to support all telecommunications, radio communications, ADS-B surveillance and network services for the National Airways System, including support for civil aviation, and aviation rescue and firefighting services. For the initial planning and design phase of the program, the consortium members will provide the following services:

NTT Australia will provide overall network and site design for the enterprise and operational, air traffic network and telecommunications;

Thales Australia will provide system design for the new ADS-B surveillance service and engineering services to ensure safe and secure implementation;

Rohde & Schwarz Australia will provide design services to modernize the nationwide VHF radio network with their latest version of voice-over-IP VHF air traffic control radios; and

Ventia will provide site audit, system site design and installation planning services for this initial phase of the program.

System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

Resilient Network Solutions

For the planning and design phase, L3Harris leads a team of best-in-class services providers to design the necessary components to transition legacy systems supporting the management of Australia’s National Airways System. Airservices requires a network solution that is resilient, reliable, secure and flexible to support the continued delivery of safe and secure air traffic management and aviation firefighting services across Australia.

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Enterprise-Wide Communications

Under the first phase, L3Harris will design an enterprise network infrastructure to support the communications needs of Australia’s National Airways System, encompassing voice, wireless, air-to-ground, and data communications capabilities. The enterprise-wide network design will enhance capability for all communication activities required to support the critical air traffic control functions as well as the administrative needs of Airservices.


National Airways System Surveillance Capability

The enterprise network infrastructure design will underpin a modern enterprise-wide air traffic surveillance capability to enhance situational awareness across the National Airways System.

The modern system design will connect air traffic controllers with systemwide surveillance information including the land-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B), space-based ADS-B data from Aireon, primary and secondary radar systems, and multilateration surveillance systems.


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