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BANDIT™ 2x Miniature Tri-Band Transceiver

Low-cost, lightweight, wideband data link all-in-one digital transceiver

The L3Harris BANDIT 2x tri-band transceiver is a small, lightweight and low-power digital transceiver that provides wideband data link capability adaptable to a wide variety of applications. It delivers real-time, IP-based, full-motion digital video for situational awareness, targeting, battle damage assessment, surveillance, video broadcast, remote sensors, convoy operations and other situations where high resolution video is required. The transceiver is designed primarily to be used on size and weight constrained platforms operating in harsh environments. It is interoperable with other products using L3Harris standard waveforms. The L-, S- or C-Band frequencies are centered around standard analog frequency ranges, making the BANDIT 2x software defined radio a perfect replacement for analog links adding better-performing digital signal transmission and improved security.

Key Features

  • Low cost and low SWaP
  • Digital video and data routing and relay capability
  • Symmetric digital data rates up to 42 Mbps
  • FIPS 197 AES encryption (available option)
  • Ethernet interfaces for imagery and data transmission
  • Small, ruggedized, all-in-one system—internal amplifier for each band
  • Configurable L- S- or C-Band operation for either transmit or receive
  • Interoperable with a wide range of products that support commercial and proprietary waveforms
  • H.264 Video Encode (NTSC/PAL)


  • BANDIT™ 2x—Miniature Tri-Band Transceiver Sell Sheet

    BANDIT™ 2x Miniature Tri-Band Transceiver Sell Sheet

  • Legacy BANDIT vs. BANDIT 2 Product Comparison

    Legacy BANDIT vs. BANDIT 2 Product Comparison

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