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CDL Hawklink AN/SRQ-4 Radio Terminal Set

Shipboard Common Data Link

The L3Harris Hawklink AN/SRQ-4 shipboard terminal is a fully qualified communications system meeting requirements of the U.S. Navy’s fleet of DDG-51, CG-47 and FFG-7 class ships. Control systems run on modern open system architecture with the latest touch-screen interfaces for ease of control and display of status. Robust built-in test eliminates complex support equipment and enables reduced logistics footprint. The 42-inch directional antenna maximizes link performance by implementing pseudo-monopulse tracking in azimuth while simultaneously openloop pointing in elevation to avoid spoofing from multipath off the water. Automatically switches between omni and directional antennas to allow seamless operation from takeoff to max range. The fully qualified radome matches existing ship interfaces and is optimized for Ku-band.

The terminal is interoperable with currently deployed acoustic suites (SQQ-89) and shipboard Navigation Sensor System Interfaces (NAVSSI). Current software baselines in production for the MH-60R, include SPOP interfaces for tactical data and link control. The system is software configurable supporting Common Data Link (CDL) waveforms (fully compliant to Annex C and D). Network interfaces are fully compatible with the latest SAU07000 Digital Messaging Interfaces.


  • CDL Hawklink AN/SRQ-4 Radio Terminal Set Sell Sheet

    CDL Hawklink AN/SRQ-4 Radio Terminal Set Sell Sheet

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