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COTM Antennas


Precision pointing and tracking of a vehicle-mounted antenna is critical to maintaining a satellite link while moving, making turns and on bumpy roads. Mechanically steered parabolic antennas provide the most reliable connection, broadest instantaneous bandwidth, and widest field-of-view of any antenna type.

L3Harris has supplied COTM antennas for terrestrial, maritime and aeronautical platforms. Our antennas are combat tested and proven to be the most robust link under extreme terrain and environmental conditions. 

L3Harris’ ARSTRAT qualified COTM antennas are a key component of the U.S. Army’s WIN-T tactical network.

The WIN-T Program provides satellite connectivity to the edge of the battlefield for voice, data and video communications. We have delivered over 1,400 units for installation on a wide variety of vehicle platforms. 

ARSTRAT Product Specifications
  • Satellite Acquisition: <5 secs
  • Tracking Speed: 1,000°/sec
  • Coverage: 360° Az, 90° El
  • Operational Bands: X-, Ku- and Ka-Bands


  • FSS-4180-IP Spec Sheet

    FSS-4180-IP Antenna Spec Sheet

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