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Driving Simulators

Why Use Driving Simulators?

Simulation-based training allows you to expose your drivers to various challenging and hazard-laden scenarios in a controlled environment. You can record operator reactions and response times and provide after-action reviews that point out performance improvement areas for each driver. The simulator-based training approach improves critical driving skills, enhances decision making abilities and increases the overall safety of your operations.

6 Reasons Why Simulation-Based Training Works

Increased Learning Retention 

A new, state-of-the-art experiential technology that promotes a higher transfer of learning and increased retention.

Standardize Curriculum

An opportunity to standardize your curriculum to ensure consistent, quality training.

Progressive Skill Development 

An adjustable, progressively difficult skill development path to enhance skills, improve defensive driving and hone decision making skills.

Scenario Customization

Customizable scenarios designed to address learning objectives relevant to your department and individual employees.

Situational Awareness

Challenging situations that target skill development and increase the trainee’s situational awareness and critical thinking skills.

Safe, Controlled Environment

Continual reinforcement of curriculum by allowing students to practice responses to dangerous situations in a safe, controlled environment.

Efficacy of Driving Simulators

Studies and research conducted by educational institutions around the globe provide in-depth analysis and results that prove simulation-based training is an effective method for training. 

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