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E-2 Antenna and Rotodome Depot

Antennas Are What We Do.

  • E-2 Hawkeye overhaul & repair depot since 1983
  • E-3 AWACS certified test range
  • Large radome inspection, repair and test
  • Flight shaft evaluation and refurbishment
  • Major subsystem replacement
  • Trapped moisture measurement and extraction
  • Range testing to original specifications
  • Teardown and evaluation
  • Installation of new bearings, seals, critical parts
  • Improved reliability slip ring kits
  • Tuning and test to original specifications
  • Test, evaluation, repair and retest
  • Radome replacement
  • Phase and amplitude tracking measurement
  • Complete radiation pattern testing
  • On-site evaluation to verify repair viability
  • Quick response technical support
  • Documentation for ongoing customer servicing
  • On-site or in-field training

RS230 Standard Quality Requirements Listing

  • Standard Quality Requirements

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