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Falcon III® RF-7800W-RP50X HCLOS Radio with Integrated Power Amplifier

Unrivaled HCLOS data rates

The system’s simultaneous roaming and multi-hop technologies allow mobile commanders and tactical edge forces to share high-definition ISR video and data in near real-time. The RF-7800W-RP50X supports up to four different channel sizes in both Point-To-Point and Point-To-Multipoint modes. Data and management traffic is secured through embedded or external device encryption.

Key Benefits

  • Ethernet data rates up to 430 Mbps
  • Capable of communications at distances up to 255 kilometers
  • Best-in-class spectrum efficiency and coverage
  • Rugged, lightweight and easy-to-deploy system for vehicular, maritime and airborne operations


  • RF-7800W High Capacity LOS Radios Datasheet

    RF-7800W High Capacity LOS Radios Datasheet