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Interferometer Arrays

Interferometer Arrays

We optimize our interferometer arrays for radio frequency (RF) performance and harsh military environments while incorporating our industry-leading spiral and sinuous antennas as building blocks. We are able to implement interferometers in both 1-D and 2-D configurations with the capability of 2-D arrays sharing a common element to keep cost, weight and aircraft footprint to a minimum. These custom tailored antennas can also be integrated across curved surfaces on aircraft bodies as well as electronic warfare pods.

  • Broadband frequency independent, multi-polarization arrays
  • Highly accurate direction finding arrays typical for ESM systems
  • Broadband, multi-polarization, highly directive shaped beam arrays for SIGINT applications
  • Low radar cross section designs

Integrated Subsystems

L3Harris' solutions are integrated subsystems.

Interferometer Arrays

Our integrated subsystems include:

Interface structures, beamformers, and switching networks with optimized protective radomes to meet and exceed our partner’s specifications over the full range of environmental extremes.

RS230 Standard Quality Requirements Listing

  • Standard Quality Requirements

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