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Low Observable Antenna Elements and Arrays

Low Observables

  • Proprietary ReSA (Reduced Signature Aperture) Technology
  • Proprietary Resistive Surface Treatments
  • Frequency Selective Surfaces
  • MagRAM (Magnetic RADAR Absorbing Material)
Our proprietary technology allows L3Harris to maximize LO performance through:
  • Decreasing edge diffraction
  • Minimizing re-radiation
  • Improving phase and amplitude tracking performance

L3Harris incorporates MagRAM to:

  • Reduce reflections
  • Minimize surface current
  • Control re-radiation
  • Broadband LO spiral and sinuous antennas with frequency bandwidths of 9:1 or greater
  • Broadband LO interferometer arrays with superior phase/amplitude tracking performance

LO Communication, Navigation, and Identification (CNI) antennas including GPS, Iridium, Link 16, Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT), UHF, S-Band, C-Band, Data Link and Telemetry.

Approved for Public Release OSR 18-S-1765

RS230 Standard Quality Requirements Listing

  • Standard Quality Requirements

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