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Mini-T 2x Transceiver

Waveforms for Commercial and Defense applications

Our Mini-T 2x provides waveforms and capabilities specifically designed for use in commercial and military applications worldwide. It can be configured as either a surface or airborne terminal on the fly, and can be matched with a variety of antenna and power amplifier options to meet virtually any application that calls for wideband data throughput. In addition to the capabilities of its predecessor, the Mini-Ti(x), the Mini-T 2x adds dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, HD video, X/Ku-Band LOS, high data rates up to 135 Mbps and many other capabilities.

Key Benefits

The L3Harris Mini-T 2x Transceiver provides low-cost, lightweight, wideband data link capability adaptable to a wide variety of applications. It delivers real-time, full-motion video for situational awareness, targeting, battle damage assessment, surveillance, convoy operations and other situations where eyes-on-target are required. With standard network interfaces and a built-in wideband router, the Mini-T 2x is fully network-ready and is a powerful gateway into the net-centric battlespace. The Mini-T 2x Transceiver provides enhanced air and ground coordination, which shortens targeting time for critical operations. The small, lightweight and rugged Mini-T 2x Transceiver delivers proven international interoperability.


  • Mini-T 2x Transceiver Sell Sheet

    Mini-T 2x Transceiver Sell Sheet