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Mission Critical Alliance

Access the Industry’s Latest First Responder Technologies

Alliance members' applications, hardware and services are tested and validated for interoperability and compatibility with L3Harris solutions; taking the guesswork, risk, time and expense out of a customer-driven system integration. The Alliance offers a broad portfolio of end-to-end, open standards-based technologies, giving users a greater choice of vendors and products. They also work with L3Harris solutions for improved information security and audio quality, expanded Situational Awareness and video intelligence, worker safety and network management.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced capabilities through priority access to best-of-breed mission-critical technologies
  • Reduced risk and troubleshooting through tested and proven end-to-end solutions
  • Improved system integration driven by standards-based platforms
  • Simplified procurement and access to long-term support

Explore MCA Member Technologies

Adashi Systems, LLC

Adashi Systems, LLC

On-scene collaborative Situational Awareness: Adashi is a leading provider of public safety software solutions designed to help first responders maintain a coordinated response prior to, during, and after an incident.

MCA Partner - Catalyst Communications

Catalyst Communications

IP-Based Push-To-Talk communications: Catalyst Communications Technologies is dedicated to ensuring critical connectivity for First Responders, government agencies and utilities through easy, accessible, and reliable expertise in IP networking, radio systems, intelligent mobile radio control and intuitive interface technologies.

Centerity Systems, Inc.

Centerity Systems, Inc.

Command dashboard across network assets: Centerity displays real-time, consolidated network and business analytics for complex on-prem, cloud, and hybrid technology environments generating SLA Executive Dashboards that identify performance anomalies and isolate faults across applications, operating systems, infrastructure, and cloud assets.



Enterprise routing at the edge: Cradlepoint is an industry leader in cloud-delivered 4G LTE network solutions for business, service providers, and government organizations. More than 18,000 active customers worldwide from retail, financial services, healthcare, transportation, public sector, and other industries rely on Cradlepoint to keep their branch and mobile networks, and IoT devices, always connected and protected.

Drakontas LLC


Agency-wide critical collaboration tool for emergency management: Drakontas' collaborative software, DragonForce, provides affordable communications tools that empower public safety professionals to do their jobs more quickly, safely and effectively.



Built on Ericsson’s leading 3GPP 4G and 5G technology, our mission critical communications and applications deliver next generation, high performing, resilient and secure mission critical mobile broadband communication services. Together with service providers, we empower digital transformation for Public Safety agencies and Critical Infrastructure industries.



Seamless voice and data recording solution: With over 30 years, Exacom’s multimedia recording solutions are backed with years of testing/research combined with industry experience. Their R&D background has supported their market leading position in multimedia recording.



Built with AT&T, FirstNet is the nationwide public safety broadband network, services and solutions dedicated to First Responders and those who support them: It is more than a network, including advanced services, applications and purpose-built devices. We are accountable to keeping your lines of communication open with dedicated mission critical solutions that will modernize public safety.

GE Power

GE® Power

Outage management and response: GE Power’s ADMS moves beyond the traditional bounds of SCADA, DMS and OMS to provide software for the safe and secure management and orchestration of the distribution grid. Our solutions deliver reliability, productivity and efficiency through a modular architecture, adaptive algorithms, predictive analytics and a brilliant user experience.

MCA Partner - Intrado


Next Generation 911: Connecting people with each other and the right information is mission critical. Intrado develops innovative cloud-based technology to make it easier, more effective, and more efficient to make the right connections.

Live Earth

Live Earth

Real-time data feeds in a single visual platform: Live Earth is a cloud-based loT/5G data visualization platform delivering real-time feeds in a single, simplified view to provide actionable data.



Optimized management of mission-critical assets: Mcmtech provides software solutions designed to help customers track, manage, and maintain their complex asset inventory. With over 200+ deployments, Mcmtech is trusted to track over $5 billion assets across North America.

MCA Partner - Mutualink


True Interoperability: Mutualink is the leading provider of a best-in-class multimedia interoperability platform enabling public safety and enterprise security to share voice, video, and data for improved cross-agency communications. Customers trust us to provide innovative, scalable, secure solutions during emergencies every day.

Realwear, Inc.

Realwear, Inc.™

Hands-free voice, data, and Situational Awareness: Realwear, Inc. has purpose built the world’s best hands-free, voice-controlled, rugged Android tablet. Their unique user interface allows workers to operate the tools and equipment needed for the job, to maintain full situational awareness and maximum productivity.



Android™ devices for Public Safety: Samsung offers a variety of Public Safety focused solutions to enable mobile first responders, provide in-vehicle computing, and improving safety and communication with wearable technology.

TRX Systems, Inc.

TRX Systems, Inc.

Track and locate First Responders indoors: TRX Systems provides 3D mapping and GPS-denied personnel tracking for warfighters, first responders, security and industrial personnel that operate indoors, underground, and in areas without GPS.

Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies

Next Generation 911 Computer Aided Dispatch: Tyler Technologies’ full suite of public safety solutions improve situational awareness, increase productivity and enhance the safety of public safety professionals and the communities they serve.

MCA Partner - Unication


P25 Voice Pagers: Unication delivers best-in-class, single and dual-band P25 pager technologies, ruggedized for reliable messaging in extreme conditions.

Vintra, Inc.

Vintra, Inc.

Actionable video intelligence: Vintra’s Fulcrum AI platform provides real time analysis of any real-time video feeds, for a wide array of multi-class detections and events, delivering total-environment intelligence.



Dispatching and alerting platforms: Zetron provides technology solutions that optimize integrated communications. Solutions such as interoperable consoles, Fire Station Alerting, and other applications deliver quick, efficient, reliable and integrated communications to emergency response and field operations teams.


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