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Multi-Constellation Modem (MCM-500)

The MCM-500 is designed for comms-on-the-move applications and incorporates multiple MODEMs and associated radio frequency (RF) circuits to support LEO/MEO/ GEO connectivity. Implemented as a modular design, the MCM-500 includes both Field Programmable Gate Array based and General Purpose Processor based software defined MODEM hardware resources as well as proprietary MODEM hardware with flexibility to connect to past, present, and future partner constellations. Standard L-Band and Ethernet interfaces, including Open Antenna to Modem Interface Protocol (OpenAMIP) antenna control protocol, simplifies the deployment of the MCM-500 to create application specific terminal architectures. The MCM-500 is MIL-STD-188-165 compliant and ARSTRAT certified.


  • Multi-Constellation Modem (MCM-500) Sell Sheet

    Multi-Constellation Modem (MCM-500) Sell Sheet