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PushbackSim™ Ground Support Equipment Simulator

Driving Simulator Benefits

Ground support simulation training allows practice of critical decision-making skills and reinforces positive decision making, situation and spacial awareness in a realistic, risk-free environment.


Enhances initial driver training, periodic training and driver assessments allowing you to conduct practical real-world training on different terrains and for different road and atmospheric conditions.


Our customers have significantly reduced preventable incidents as well as reduced severity of the damage.


Onboard and familiarize entry-level and experienced operators in a virtual classroom setting.


Minimize maintenance and damage to emergency vehicles. Training on the simulator keeps your vehicles on the road and earning revenue.


Complete, consistent, objective feedback on performance gives drivers the skills and confidence to drive more safely and more efficiently.


Include fixed-site installation in a building or fully mobile training unit in a trailer or truck. Trailer options available to outfit in a mobile driver training unit complete with on-site classroom and instructors.

Best-in-class simulation-based training system for ground handling crews.

Our PushbackSim simulator is designed for a hands-on experience to ensure proper skill development and familiarity before you step inside a real pushback tractor. We've seen that 75% of operators surveyed feel "safer"/"much safer" after ground support equipment simulation training. Experts agree that training with simulation is four times faster and can reduce the learning curve by 40%. This quicker training process allows you to put more crew through pushback training or increase practice time.

  • Replicates the complex task of pushing and towing aircraft, requires less equipment, and can reduce time to proficiency.
  • New operators can gain the basic and advanced skills they’ll need to be safe, efficient and prepared on the job; experienced operators can demonstrate and hone their abilities.
  • Unlike conventional training, the simulator lets users repeat training scenarios as often as required without risking aircraft or equipment damage.
  • Multiple pushback vehicles, aircraft and locations are available to train.
  • Customized databases can replicate airport or gate layout allow, immediate assessment reports help an instructor spot bad habits, and drivers can communicate with instructors via headset.
  • High resolution visual display system with 4K-ready LED LCD displays
  • A sharp and visually accurate 180° field-of-view creates an immersive driving environment
  • State-of-the-art simulation software delivers sharp visuals to enhance learning objectives
  • Enhanced graphics engine capability enables population of more vehicles and objects per scenario
  • Users can choose from a variety of predefined vehicle configurations using different combinations of tractor, trailer, engine, transmission, axle, etc.
  • Force-loaded steering provides real-time feedback to augment muscle memory in situations such as a tire blowing, hitting the curb or sloshing liquid loads.
  • Commercial vehicle cab creates a realistic learning environment that includes a driving seat, steering wheel, brake, clutch and accelerator pedals to enhance realism and achieve better retention.
  • Realistic commercial vehicle transmission.
  • Realistic vehicle dynamics including 21 DOF vehicle model.

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