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Replay Studio™ After-Action Review Software

All the Tools You Need

After-action reviews are critical to the success of any training regimen. They provide a structured review process to improve performance by sustaining strengths and correcting weaknesses.

L3Harris Replay Studio™ gives you the tools you need to perform a thorough review of the training session while gaining valuable lessons learned.

The Replay Studio™ camera records every action, reaction, and nuance of a driver’s physical performance while training on the simulator. Once the session is complete the instructor can simultaneously replay video feedback of the driver, and scenario playback of the simulation to review how a student reacts physically as well as mentally to the situation.

The instructor can also “draw” on the replay screen to highlight areas of remediation, suggest alternative courses of action, and display drawings in front of a class, similar to a sports play-by-play review.

Replay Studio™ User Interface

  • The interface is designed to give you all the information you need to assess both the driver’s performance and vehicle’s state during a training session.
  • The SimTile panel reports ongoing scenario and driver information. Its vehicle indicators help assess handling dynamics. They continuously monitor steering-wheel position, brake, clutch, accelerator, speedometer, RPM and other variables.
  • The detailed Play-by-Play screen lists events and violations. Clicking on the event or violation takes the replay directly to that point in the simulation, enabling the instructor to quickly move from one event to the next. 
  • The Sliding Rule feature gives the instructor total control of video replay. Rewind or fast forward to the exact point of interest in slow motion detail.
  • Video feedback of the driver is so tightly synchronized with the 3D scenario and simulator views that there is no skipping or lag time between the two. For example: It allows an instructor to review the driver’s scanning technique—where the driver was looking at the time of an event or violation.

What Replay Studio™ Makes Possible

  • Video feedback of the driver, scenario playback of the simulation, vehicle state and 3D views are all synchronized for seamless replay.
  • View replay on a separate system to free up the simulator for training.
  • Change 3D view quickly by dragging with the mouse.
  • Train one student or an entire classroom by replaying the video to illustrate proper and improper driving techniques.

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