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RF-410 Next Generation Power Amplifier (NGPA)

Engineered for missions on the move, the RF-410 is significantly smaller and up to 70% lighter than its predecessors, allowing more room for tactical essentials.

Extended range with multiband radio support

The RF-410 provides seamless access to networked voice and data over the frequency range of 30-2600 MHz. Unlike most existing PAs, the RF-410 is software-defined, supporting fast upgrades to emerging capabilities. This powerful solution also delivers unparalleled range extension and resilient communications in RF-congested and contested environments.

Designed for maximum mission flexibility, the RF-410 works with any L3Harris tactical radio and supports a variety of serial interfaces and modes. It supports both an RF Sensing input with limited manual interaction and is capable of supporting radio control mode, which uses the radio's software to maximize PA performance with no user interaction.

The RF-410 supports vehicle and fixed-mount radio systems, which do not require a shock mount. However, for applications in tracked vehicle or ballistic shock, a shock mount can be provided.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 50-watt power amplification in low-band frequencies; legacy narrowband and wideband waveform support
  • Smaller and lighter than its predecessors, allowing for greater flexibility in space-constrained applications
  • Superior range extension with resilient communications in contested or congested scenarios
  • Radio-agnostic, multi-interface operation


  • RF-410 Next Generation Power Amplifier (NGPA) Datasheet - Domestic

    RF-410 Next Generation Power Amplifier (NGPA) Datasheet