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RF-9800W Radio with CAMAN™ Cognitive Agile MANet Waveform

Intelligent, high-capacity, always-on connectivity 

Falcon® IV RF-9800W with CAMAN™ Waveform

The L3Harris RF-9800W changes the game for robust, wireless broadband connectivity across kinetic vehicular, airborne and maritime platforms. Based on the market-leading RF-7800W, the RF-9800W combines a groundbreaking CAMAN (Cognitive Agile MANet) waveform with cognitive networking, autonomous spectrum sensing, and an expanded spectrum. With it, you’ll get the maximized throughput and ultra-low latency needed to keep communications flowing through today’s contested and congested environments.


  • Stay connected across distributed headquarters with a wider continuous spectrum and greater resilience via full mesh MANet—providing instant infrastructure and flexible, self-healing coverage for up to 400 nodes
  • Eliminate the need for operator intervention at critical moments with stress-free setup and intelligently controlled continuous connectivity
  • Count on maximum throughput, low latency and improved connection integrity with dynamic spectrum distribution and autonomous network scalability
  • Ensure secure, continuous coverage across congested and/or contested domains
  • Automatically avoid interference with autonomous spectrum scanning
  • Increase signal strength and on-the-move performance with the L3Harris Smart Antenna 


  • Falcon IV RF-9800W-U High-Capacity MANET Radio Datasheet

    Falcon IV RF-9800W-U High-Capacity MANET Radio Data Sheet

  • Falcon IV RF-9800W-E Data Sheet

    Falcon IV RF-9800W-E High-Capacity MANET Radio Data Sheet

  • RF-9800W Brochure

    RF-9800W Brochure