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Satellite Communications Transponder (CXS-1000)

L3Harris’ CXS-1000 is a multifunction, software defined transceiver that features multiband and multiwaveform capabilities in a compact footprint. The CXS-1000 is designed for today’s low cost and shorter duration small satellite applications.

The multiwaveform receiver provides flexibility in demodulation, decoding and channel selection. Customers can upload different waveforms and program the frequency during production or on orbit.

The CXS-1000 is designed and radiation-tested for geosynchronous orbit and is available in L and S band with the option of X- and Ka-band functionality. The unit is offered as a single integrated unit or as separate transmitters and receivers for full duplex multiband missions.

L3Harris brings more than five decades of experience in TT&C. The engineering analyses, manufacturing and quality processes used for the unit’s production are consistent with the industry’s high reliability standards.


  • Offers flexibility through agile, scalable design
  • Features design for low-cost small satellite applications
  • Provides increased reliability with prequalified design
  • Leverages space-proven processes and is adaptable to new space applications

CXS-1000 Specifications

Download the CXS1000 Sell Sheet



CXX-1000 CXK-1000




Center frequency

1.76 – 1.84 GHz, 2.025 – 2.120 GHz 2

2.025 – 2.120 GHz 30.0 – 31.0 GHz

Data rate

2 – 128 Kbps, 3 Mbps capable

2 – 128 Kbps, 3 Mbps capable 1 – 40 Mbps, > 500 Mbps capable


BPSK, SGLS, USB/STDN, ranging, TDRSS, coherency, user defined

BPSK, QPSK, ranging, coherency, user defined BPSK, DVB-S2 QPSK

Tracking rate/range

10 kHz/sec, ±100 kHz; TDRSS 75 Hz/sec, ±160 kHz 10kHz/sec, +- 1 MHz

Input RF signal

-30 dBm to -120 dBm -50 to -120 dBm










Center frequency

2.2 GHz – 2.3 GHz

8.0 – 8.5 GHz

20.2 – 21.2 GHz

Frequency stability

± 10 ppm over life

Locks to 10 MHz external ref

Locks to 10 MHz external ref

Phase noise

10 kHz/sec, ±100 kHz; TDRSS 75 Hz/sec, ±160 kHz


< 10% RMS

Data rate

2K – 2 Mbps, 20 Mbps capable

1 – 400 Mbps

1 – 500 Mbps, > 1 Gbps capable


LPM 1.024 MHz s/c, ranging, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, UQPSK, DVB-S2, user defined

RF output power

10 mW to 20 W

10 mW to 10 W

10 mW to 2 W



CXS-1000 CXX-1000 CXK-1000


Outline dimension

4.0 in x 4.2 in x 4.0 in (core configuration) 9.6 in x 8.8 in x 3.55 in 9.6 in x 8.8 in x 3.55 in


2.5 lbs (Al), 3.6 lbs (Cu) 11.4 lbs 11.4 lbs

Mission life

1 to 5 years

Duty cycle

TX: 15%, RX: 100% (typical)


50 krad (chassis), tested to GEO levels for destructive SEE, LET > 43 MeV, 26 krad (parts level), ELDRS tested to 52 krads

Bus voltage

28 V ± 6 V, 9.5 – 12.3 V (isolated power)


MIL-STD-461F (tailored)

Data/clock interface

RS-422, single-ended, SpW Ethernet SpW, Ethernet

Control/status interface

RS-422, SpW RS-422 SpW

Compatible with several NSA certified and commercial cryptographic products. These include KI-700, KI-55, MCU-110C and MRA-706 crypto solutions


If you are seeking a quote for parts, please include a CAGE code. This will help us serve you faster.

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