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Secure Satellite Communications Encryption Unit (CDU-200)

L3Harris Telemetry & RF Products (L3Harris T&RF) has a rich heritage of flight-proven satellite products. With over 35 years of experience, L3Harris T&RF has embedded a variety of National Security Agency (NSA) devices such as the KGV-68, KGV-21, MYK-1, CDH, Caribou, Sierra II, Cardholder and Pegasus into high-reliability airborne and space applications. With a strong spaceflight heritage, L3Harris T&RF is a recognized industry leader in parts selection, radiation-hardening and space qualification as evidenced by over 500 units launched. (Including over 50 cryptographic units placed in orbit successfully.)

L3Harris T&RF is a demonstrated low-risk solution for all your secure communications requirements.

The next-generation Command Decryption Unit (CDU-200) is an integrated decryptor unit providing security capabilities for satellite command links using a one-time programmable FPGA that incorporates a FIPS 197-compliant AES-256 algorithm. The CDU-200 secures uplink data and provides command authentication in a small, lightweight housing.

The CDU-200 was designed as a drop-in replacement to the CDU-100. All commands, data and telemetry messages operate identically. Discrete signal functions, command and telemetry timing are transparent between the CDU-200 and CDU-100 for ease of customer integration.

The CDU-200 has 64-bits of telemetry data that reports health and status and is designed for up to 15 year mission life. The CDU-200 uses the same family of parts successfully flown in our heritage space products.

There are CDU-200 configurations to address CNSSP-12 and SECRET and BELOW (SAB) applications for foreign, allied and domestic use. The specific product configuration and nomenclature are determined at program kickoff.

The CDU-200 supports data rates of up to 1 Mbps utilizing 16 selectable keys.


  • NSA certified for SECRET and BELOW (SAB) and CNSSP-12 applications
  • Typically used on GEO Orbit Missions
  • Supports AES-256 ECB mode with VCC
  • Uplink command authentication
  • Available in a single board embeddable solution for C&DH applications
  • All CDU-200 interface timing matches the CDU-100 timing
  • Redundant configuration – CDUA (optional)
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