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Secure Satellite Communications Encryption Unit (MCU-110C)

The miniature COMSEC unit (MCU-110C) is an integrated encryptor/decryptor unit providing secure uplink and downlink protection for satellite communications links. The MCU-110C is the next generation configuration of the legacy MCU-110B with over 130 units delivered and 100% on-orbit success. The MCU-110C utilizes the Carousel algorithm for uplink decryption up to 5 Mbps and supports loading of 256-selectable keys either electronically or through OTAR. The Pegasus ASIC is used for downlink encryption up to 10 Mbps with and supports loading of 256-selectable keys in MRAM either electronically or through OTAR.

The MCU-110C includes both uplink and downlink over the air rekeying (OTAR) and downlink error-correction (convolutional encoding) that is enabled by the user, if required. The MCU-110C design is radiation- hardened for missions up to 15 years.

L3Harris Telemetry & RF Products (T&RF) has a rich heritage of flight-proven satellite products. With over 25 years of experience, we have embedded a variety of National Security Agency (NSA) devices, including AES-256, Caribou, Cardholder and BELSHAZZAR algorithms into high-reliability space applications.

L3Harris T&RF is a proven low-risk solution for all your secure communications.


• Standalone integrated encryptor/decryptor

• Uplink and Downlink OTAR

• Type 1 design

• Decrypt data rate 5 Mbps

• Encrypt data rate 10 Mbps

• DS-101 Key Load Support

• High-reliability, radiation-hardened

• Same form factor and backward pin compatible to legacy MCU-110B

Encrypt Pegasus
Decrypt Carousel
Decrypt modes ECB w/VCC unauthenticated Data Mode GCM
Key Loading Carousel Decrypt: OTAR (up to 256 keys), DS-101 serial key fill (1 KEK/TEK) Pegasus Encrypt: OTAR (up to 256 keys) & Default key PROM (up to 64 keys)
Data rate Encrypt 500 bps to 10 Mbps Decrypt 125 bps to 5 Mbps
Encoding Selectable convolutional R=7, Rate ½
Input voltage 22 V to 36 V
Power consumption 8.45 W (Typical ambient, max data rate)
Inrush current < 2 A for < 300 m/s
Dimensions 5.7 in. L x 5.7 in. W x 1.04 in. H
Weight 1.5 lb
Temperature -34 °C to +71 °C
Vibration 20 Grms
EMI MIL-STD-461F (tailored)
Radiation 100 krad (Si) (chassis)
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