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AN/ARC-201E SINCGARS Export Airborne Radio

Secure Anti-Jam Voice and Data

The Export SINCGARS Airborne Radio’s integration of COMSEC and the Data Rate Adapter (DRA) combines three Line Replaceable Units (LRU) into one—reducing overall aircraft radio weight. It prevents jamming and interception through noisy channel avoidance and enhanced frequency hopping. The Export SINCGARS Airborne Radio also supports future battlefield requirements with improved error correction, Enhanced Data Modes (EDMs), more flexible remote control, and Global Positioning System (GPS) compatibility.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced weight for deployment versatility
  • Compatible with legacy TACFIRE and 16K data modes
  • Supports future digital battlespace requirements
  • Features SINCGARS, the world’s most fielded radio technology


  • AN/ARC-201E SINCGARS Airborne Radio Datasheet

    AN/ARC-201E SINCGARS Airborne Radio Datasheet