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VHF Combat Net Radio with Night Vision Goggle Compatibility

The RT-1523 enhances warfighter safety and awareness with a Radio Based Combat Identification (RBCI) capability, which can perform in an interrogator or responder role on the ground or in the air. When combined with the available embedded SAASM GPS receiver option, it provides secure voice, data and position location reporting in a single system.

Key Benefits

  • SINCGARS RT-1523 VHF Radio
    Gen 3 Night Vision Goggle display compatibility
  • World’s most-fielded radio technology
  • Versatile use for troops on-the-move or at-the-halt
  • Configuration options for enhanced Situational Awareness and Position Location Information


  • SINCGARS RT-1523 VHF Radio Datasheet

    SINCGARS RT-1523 VHF Radio Datasheet