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Snow Fighter Training

Top Reasons to Train Your Snowplow Equipment Operators

  • Training available year-round, not just prior to winter
  • Cost-effective in reducing accidents and equipment damage
  • Training curriculum includes custom snow and ice removal scenarios
  • Train on other vehicles including cars, light- and heavy-duty trucks
  • Self-contained mobile classroom deployed to multiple locations
  • Pre-screen and assess new operators, seasonal drivers or experienced drivers
  • Reduce operational costs from wasted materials, fuel and maintenance
  • Trainers with over 100 years of combined training experience
  • Multiple plow configurations, actual snow plow controls, simulated spreader

Included With L3Harris Training Services


Driving simulators provide high fidelity, real-world driving environments that can be configured for multiple vehicle types, including snowplow trucks, tractors, dump trucks, heavy-duty trucks and tractor trailers.


L3Harris offers Mobile Training Centers equipped with two driving simulators to maximize your organization’s time and budget. Certified Trainers are available to give your drivers value-added instruction and feedback during the training.


L3Harris trainers are transportation industry experts and have over 100 years of combined experience in adult education and driver training. Making drivers professionally competent in safety, efficiency and preparedeness is the primary focus of our curriculum.


Exclusive snowplow training software is compatible with the L3Harris driving simulators which include various snowfighting equipment types and snow and ice removal scenarios. Computer-based training and instructor led training content is specifically developed for on-the-job tasks required of snow equipment operators.


Training offers multiple types of environments, including dense city, freeway, suburban, rural (primary/county) roads with traffic congestion, pedestrians, tunnels and bridges. Real-time visuals include adjustable for time of day, weather conditions, nighttime environments with illumination, headlights, taillights, traffic control signals, fog, rain and snow.


L3Harris can travel to any location with our Mobile Training Center. We have the ability to have more than one Mobile Training Center at the same location if needed or to provide several at different locations at the same time.

Customer Testimonials

The simulators are a safe and cost-effective training tool to get our equipment operators thinking about the upcoming winter season [and] give our new operators hands-on experience that they otherwise wouldn’t get until the snow is on the ground.
Billie Miller
Virginia DOT Safety Officer
Has the training been beneficial? With regard to operator safety, I can tell you that this winter DPW has logged about 34,000 hours in the snow program, probably 90 percent of it driver time, and we haven’t had a single reported accident since the training.
Tom Henderson
Washington D.C. Solid Waste Administrator
I have not had one truck in the shop for transmission repair since 2006. We used to have a lot of transmission repairs from teaching people how to shift the gears out on the training runway. Now that students learn to shift on a simulator first, we don’t have them grinding gears and tearing up transmissions.
Travis Dunlap
NMDOT Training Academy Director

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