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Transport Aggregation Gateway (TAG)

Iron-Clad Connectivity and Network Security

TAG’s packet-based technology resists jamming and interception of critical information by breaking data apart at the point of transmission and recombining at the final destination. This technology also “sniffs” through the spectrum, automatically locating non-jammed, optimal connections across multiple available links.

Key Benefits

  • Open-architecture, operates on any public, private or cloud-based server
  • Automated failover/APACE provides continuous uninterrupted end-user communications
  • Rapid deployment and ease of use enables seamless fielding and operation
  • Software defined, supporting streamlined updates to future capabilities
  • Link-agnostic characteristic enables enhanced bandwidth and resiliency across disparate communications systems


  • Transport Aggregation Gateway (TAG) Sell Sheet

    Transport Aggregation Gateway (TAG) Sell Sheet