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Video Exploitation & Management

VideoScout allows users to create derivative video files and still images, and annotate geo-reference, store and share the resulting intelligent video with others across the battlespace.


VideoScout helps you turn vast amounts of video data into concise, easily shared video intelligence

It improves mission planning, execution and post-mission analysis. Transcodes to FalconView, Cursor-On-Target (COT) and Google Earth formats.

VideoScout Product Resources

VideoScout-MC3 brings real-time analog and digital full-motion video and IP conduit for optionally encrypted (AES or Type-1) to frontline warfighters across the battle-space for faster analysis, planning and improved situational awareness in a portable solution.

The VideoScout-CM3 is a ruggedized, semi-portable communications module designed for ground and marine operations. It can be mounted atop ships masts, surveillance towers, rooftops, vehicles, or any other desired platform.

VideoScout-Insyte is the software interface for all VideoScout product lines to enable transmit and receive of analog and digital information (not just FMV). VideoScout-Insyte not only provides image and data capture, dissemination, visualization and archiving of full motion video (FMV), but can process a wide variety of metadata formats giving operators full geo-reference position data as well as an IP conduit to platforms. 

All 3rd generation VideoScout hardware products are operated using the VideoScout-Insyte software exploitation platform. VideoScout-Insyte is a tactical video exploitation and management solution for situational awareness in an easy to use and interoperable package, and is compatible with all major fielded Windows Operating Systems (OSs). Through Insyte’s intuitive interface, operators have a unified tool for controlling VideoScout MC-3 Portable RVTs, VideoScout CM-3 systems or to act as a standalone software intelligence suite for multiple hardware-agnostic collection sources. 

VideoScout-Insyte Plus is the software interface for all VideoScout product lines enabling change detection, object detection and identification numbers for objects contained within full motion video (FMV). Installation of VideoScout-Insyte software required in order to operate.

The Intelligence Management Server brings the ability to run multiple missions simultaneously in a tri-screen carry server ruggedized for any scenario.

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