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  • Multi-band reception and transmission
  • Two simultaneous transmit channels
    • Same or different bands
    • Common data source
    • Common baseband modulation
    • Two external transmit interfaces
  • Web browser GUI control
  • Front panel indicators include video activity, transmit-enabled, system status and reverse polarity
  • Two simultaneous reception channels
    • Same or different bands
    • Diversity reception with two receive antennas
    • Single data source
    • Two external receive interfaces
  • Provides control for two external transmitters
  • Baseband modulation output for two transmitters
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • STANAG 7085-certified

Key Benefits

Designed for air, surface and maritime use, the VORTEX transceiver provides real-time, full-motion video and other data for situational awareness, targeting, Battle Damage Assessment (BDA), surveillance, relay, convoy overwatch operations and other situations where eyes-on-target are required.

VORTEX can transmit and receive analog and/or digital data simultaneously. VORTEX is interoperable with ROVER®, CDL, virtually all UAVs, targeting pods and other waveforms. VORTEX can simultaneously transmit common data to multiple platforms using two different channels in one or two different bands. VORTEX is able to receive on two different channels in one or two different bands from a single source. This band and channel diversity provides link redundancy, better reception and resiliency to platform shading, multipath interference, line-of-sight blockages and RF interference.


  • VORTEX® ISR Transceiver Sell Sheet
    VORTEX® ISR Transceiver Sell Sheet